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Chicks News - 26th March 2021

Our last week of the Spring Term has been packed with activities related to Spring and Easter as well as all our favourite things based on our recent topics. In Art the children created beautiful Easter crowns to take home with them at the end of then week. They painted them with a range of pastel colours and decorated them with Easter themed stickers, jewels and feathers! It was lovely to see the Chicks excitement in their creations and they were very proud to take them home with them for the holidays.

During Maths we decorated giant dinosaur eggs with shapes. The children matched and identified the shapes and listened carefully to the instructions. These became increasingly challenging, including tasks such as ‘pick up the small red circle and place it inside the blue triangle’. This was a great activity to develop the Chicks listening skills and ability to follow instructions as well as developing their language of shapes and colours.

We explored a range of messy play activities this week including ‘oobleck’ (a cornflour and water mixture) and shaving foam. When using the oobleck the children experimented with colour mixing and learnt about liquids and solids. We observed and discussed the differences in textures of the cornflour and water and watched the changes which happened when they were mixed together. We used knives with the shaving foam to spread it on shapes to make ‘sandwiches’.

During Cookery, we made egg cress sandwiches. We collected cress from our Outdoor Learning Environment that the Chicks had planted a couple of weeks ago. The children were very excited to see how much their plants had grown and were eager to taste it! They concluded that the cress was ‘spicy’. The children peeled and sliced their eggs independently before adding the cress and making their own sandwiches. We used scissors to cut the cress and sprinkled it over the egg which also supported the children's fine motor skills and concentration. The sandwiches were a big hit and we all enjoyed eating them at Snack Time.

This week the Pink Chicks role play area was set up as a doctors’ surgery. They used real stethoscopes to listen to each other’s hearts and bandages to ‘fix’ their legs, arms and heads. As the week progressed they took care of babies, including nappy changing and checking their hearts with the stethoscopes. It was lovely to see the children supporting each others role play by extending scenarios together. It has also been a great opportunity to introduce new language around health and the body.

The highlight of the week was our Easter egg hunt in the garden. The Easter bunny left us secret messages in the classroom, giving us clues where to find the eggs. We all had lots of fun and managed to find an egg with a fluffy surprise inside.

We hope the children have a lovely break and we can't wait to welcome them back after the holidays!


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