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Chicks News - 8th October 2021

This week the Chicks had so much fun reading The Magic Porridge Pot by Alan MacDonald which follows the journey and chaos that ensues when a pot won't stop cooking porridge. Even the youngest Chicks loved commanding "cook pot cook" whilst reading the story! Who chose the book to build up to our fundraising Porridge Party on Friday which was definitely the highlight of the week. We loved celebrating at our Porridge Party and the children created smiley faces out of different types of fruit on top of their porridge before enjoying it during Snack Time.

We learnt about the Mary’s Meals charity and discussed the importance of sharing and helping others in need. This was also a great learning point to follow on from our discussions about the Harvest Festival. We learned that Mary’s Meals is a registered charity, which sets up school feeding programmes in some of the world's poorest communities, where hunger and poverty prevent children from gaining an education. It was founded in 2002 and has grown from its first feeding operation of 200 children in Malawi, to a worldwide campaign, providing free school meals to hundreds of schools and feeding more than one million children daily.

This week we also ventured out on our first walk outside of the nursery and we were so impressed by the children's behaviour and how well they used their listening ears and followed all the instructions. They put on high vis jackets and held onto the knotted rope beautifully - well done everyone! On our walk we focused on listening to different sounds in our environment and observed the different sounds made by people, birds and cars. We also kept our eyes peeled for numbers and letters, looking at signs, number plates and doors!

The Chicks have been hard at work at our dentist’s surgery in the Role Play Area, sorting out toothaches, fillings and more! The children loved using the toothbrushes to clean sets of teeth as well as to examine their own teeth in the mirror. It also sparked lots of conversations about healthy foods and which foods are bad for our teeth. The children used the props to support their play and studied the posters in the Role Play Area with great interest. They worked together to discover the steps to good oral hygiene and what foods were healthy.

During Maths, the Green Chicks focused on more and less, distributing porridge between several bowls and counting whilst spooning. The Yellow and Pink Chicks compared objects that were heavy and light and had fun making predictions and estimating the weight of different objects. We weighed a range of objects and found out that the feathers are the lightest.

Miss Jackie was so impressed with the children’s ability to draw large and small circles during Write Dance this week that she has decided to move on to making loops which will require different arm movements. We can’t wait to report back next week as to how we get on. Mr Alex, our Music teacher also introduced the children to a couple of Christmas songs and we are looking forward to practising for our concert in December.


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