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Fledglings News - 10th March 2023

The Fledglings have enjoyed a quieter week in the classroom after the excitement of the past few weeks. They fully engaged with our Topic Story Let’s Play, where we used the highly interactive story to build and develop their writing skills. We also took inspiration from the book for our art project which the children loved and have created beautiful, detailed pictures.

The weather has influenced our play in the outdoors this week with lots of fun in the snow on Wednesday and big muddy puddles during our Outdoor Learning Day. Our time on the common this week involved imaginative play with dinosaurs where they hid amongst the puddles and undergrowth as well as the Fledglings throughly enjoying getting extremely muddy.

Our Focus Times throughout the week have included introducing addition, discussing our weekend adventures and building our phonetic knowledge. We have also engaged in lots of messy play with mud, fake snow, playdough and Kinetic sand!


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