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Fledglings News - 13th May 2022

This week the children continued to engage with our Artists topic by exploring the work of Frida Kahlo. We learnt about the different works she created, and children particularly enjoyed listening to the story about Frida Kahlo’s life and her journey to becoming an Artist.

We took inspiration from these pieces to create our own self-portraits in Art. We used acrylic paint and painted on canvas. The children had a lot of fun using a mirror to observe their facial features, discussing the differences amongst them such their eye colours and the types of hair they have. It was lovely to see the children paying close attention to detail and painting their self-portraits with incredible focus. They enjoyed watching each other painting their self-portraits and provided lots of support to each other, commenting on everyone’s pieces of work!

We noticed that in Frida Kahlo’s self-portraits she often included lots of flowers and headpieces so on our Outdoor Learning Day we extended our topic by creating our own flowery headbands which the children wore throughout the day with pride.

During Free Play the children enjoyed exploring lots of Mark-Making activities including colouring pictures of famous artists’ work, using soft pencils to draw still life drawings of flowers and creating collages with flower stickers. They also used rulers to create pictures which was an extension of their interest of measuring from the previous term. Our Messy Table with was taken up with potion making this week. The children loved this activity and combined flower petals, vinegar and baking powder to create their concoctions. They loved predicting what would happen next and enjoyed commenting on the different smells and textures.


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