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Fledglings News - 4th March 2022

This week to celebrate World Book Day we chose the topic book Luna Loves World Book Day by Joseph Coelho. It has been lovely to see the children getting excited about books and on Thursday the children had the opportunity to come into the Nursery dressed up as their favourite characters. They had an amazing day filled with imagination, literacy and books!

Throughout the week the children explored different stories and each activity on our tables were inspired by different books. These offered a great opportunity to open up discussions and the children enjoyed sharing their favourite stories, talking about their favourite characters and creating and re-creating familiar stories.

To continue our focus on books, our Role Play area was set up as a Library where the children enjoyed borrowing and lending out books, keeping the shelves organised and looking at the books on offer. The children particularly enjoyed gathering in small groups to listen to their teachers read stories to them. The children also explored audio stories, using the headphones to listen to stories and taking turns to listen to all the different stories on offer.

We extended this on our Mark-Making where the children drew pictures to depict the stories they had been listening to and had the opportunity to draw and create their own stories too. One of our Focus Time activities included story building where the children took turns to add to the story and to continue each other’s thoughts. We used story spoons to inspire the children and they created some wonderful stories with many unexpected twists, turns and adventures!

Our Outdoor Learning Day was filled with lots of exciting activities themed around books and stories. In one of our team building activities the children used large fallen branches and sticks to build a den. Once the den was complete we worked as a group to re-enact the story of the Gruffalo. This was a lot of fun and many of the children were able to recite the story word by word!

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