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Fledglings News - 8th January 2021

It was lovely to welcome the children back to nursery this week. We were very happy that Nurseries have been able to remain open and that we have been able to continue to provide some normality for the children. The Fledglings have remained adjusted to our bubble system and have continued to enjoy the benefits of seeing their friends and teachers everyday and playing and learning at 345 Nursery.

This week our topic was New Year’s resolutions. We discussed with the children what New Year resolutions meant and they reflected on what they were good at and what they would like to get better at this year. We had a great group discussion around this with the children coming up with amazing and creative ideas. Some of the children's New Year’s resolutions included getting better at writing, learning to fly an aeroplane, getting better at using the pedals of their bicycles and taking more pictures on the camera!

During Art the children painted pictures about their Christmas Holidays which they enjoyed describing; sharing and discussing their favourite holiday moments with their peers and teachers.

This week our Role play area was set up as a Construction Site which proved very popular amongst the children. The children used rulers to measure the heights and lengths of the different wonderful structures they created. In Free Play we decided to extended the children's interest in both Construction materials and dinosaurs by combining the two to allow them to practise their knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes while playing. The children were excited to place dinosaurs on top of shapes they recognised and to use the shapes to build towers.

Another very popular activity amongst the children was our literacy activity where focused on name recognition. The children had to use pegs to arrange the letters in their names in order. This holistic activity enabled the children to practise their letter recognition whilst developing the children's ability to recognise in what order the letters come in their names. Using the pegs was also a great tool to extend their physical development and refine their fine motor skills.

We have had a really lovely first week back and are very excited to continue the fun next week!


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