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Chicks News - 10th May 2024

Updated: 2 days ago

The Chicks have had a very busy week at 345 Wandsworth and we have enjoyed exploring a variety of activities inspired by our Topic book Ten on the Twig by Lo Cole. This is a beautiful interactive picture book perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and early readers who are learning numbers and learning how to count. In this charming, deceptively simple counting book, ten birds sit on a twig. As each falls off, they take a piece of the twig with them, and in the end, they have a new home – just in time to say goodnight. 

During Free Play we continued developing our fine motor skills by using our hands to roll the playdough into smaller sizes and the older Chicks used scissors. We also used tweezers to pick up worms from the soil and transfer them to the pot. 

In the Messy Tray we explored various materials including shaving foam and penguins, hay and worms as well as sand and diggers. On our Maths table we explored sequencing dogs, 2D shapes and Unifix to practise our counting. 

To work on our PSED we used large foam blocks or Duplo blocks to build big towers or houses together. We practised sharing and taking turns when we played with the train set and Peppa Pig world. 

Our Role Play Area this week has been set up as a ‘Doctor's Surgery' and the children have been busy looking after sick babies, checking their temperature and breathing and dressing their wounds. Role play activities help the children to develop their communication and language skills as they engage in conversations with each other and their teachers and also supports the development of their social skills as they make friends and develop their imaginative play with each other. 

During literacy Focus Time the Chicks looked at different parts of the bird body and learned that birds have a beak not a mouth. We also looked at different types of birds' nests and we talked about what birds like to eat. 

In our Outdoor Learning Session the Yellow, Green and Orange Chicks went to the  Common and worked in groups to make a nest for the birds, using sticks, grass and leaves. While we were walking to the common we also practised our listening skills and tried to be very quiet so we were able to hear the birds singing. We were so good at listening to the instructions and held on to the rope at all times and made sure to stay inside our Safe Zone whilst building the nest.

The Pink Chicks joined the Fledglings for their Outdoor Learning Day for the first time this week and the children were so excited to spend the full morning on the common. They had their snack there, climbed trees and explored a secret den. For our PSED Focus Time they worked together to build a nest for the birds using sticks. After the children finished building the nest they set up a scenario and pretended to be a bird family living in the nest. 

In Art we embraced the children’s love of painting and designing and created birds out of their handprints and decorated them with colourful feathers. During our Cookery Sessions the Chicks made delicious banana muffins. We worked together together to mash the bananas, and took it in turns to add the flour and baking powder before pouring in the melted vegetable butter into the bowl. They mixed all the ingredients together and transferred the dough to individual muffin cases. We all enjoyed eating the muffins for our snack time the next morning. 

During our Write Dance session with Miss Jackie the Orang, Green, Yellow and Purple Chicks had fun flying like birds to the music and making different movements with the scarves. They also made lots of different movements on the table with their hands in the baby oil and made marks on the clear plastic sheet using felt pens.

In the Outdoor Learning Environment they worked on their balance, challenging themselves on the obstacle course, building sand castles in the sand pit and enjoying lots of water play activities. These included spraying the board with spray bottles, washing the fences using large brushes, sliding ducks down the pipe and pouring water behind the duck sitting at the top of the pipe.


We are looking forward to another busy week next week at 345 Wandsworth.


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