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Chicks News - 10th November 2023

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

The Chicks enjoyed learning about Diwali this week with the help of their Topic Story Shubh Diwali which is a simple, colourful story which introduces the traditions of Diwali in an age appropriate way. The Chicks showed a high level of interest in the book as they enjoyed listening to it being read by their teachers throughout the morning.

We used the traditions of the celebration to explore mathematical concepts and the children loved mark-making on drawings of temples and rangoli patterns, creating paper plate collages and making delicious mango lassi during their Focus Time.

Building the children’s understanding of the topic has been woven into the Free Play activities where the Chicks have enjoyed building temples using the Magna Tiles, using the small world homes to discuss traditions and added to large drawings building their fine motor skills.

On Friday the Chicks learned about Remembrance Day and they worked together to design a poppy sun catcher using tissue paper and laminating sheets. Everyone was very excited to display their collaborative poppy art on the windows of the classroom and we will enjoy looking at it over the next few weeks!


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