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Chicks News - 10th September

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

We could not be happier with how well the children settled back into nursery life this week at at 345. It was wonderful to see all the returning children and to listen to all of their exciting holiday news. It has been lovely to see how much they have all grown and developed over the summer holidays.

We also wished a warm welcome to all the new children and their families too. Thank you for all your co-operation during the home visits and the children’s first days at 345 Nursery. Everyone did so remarkably well and we are very proud of the children who joined us this week.

The Pink Chicks dived straight into playing, learning and recapping all of our classroom principles. The new children started to get to know their teachers and enjoyed playing with some of their favourite toys. The gentle transition allows the children to feel secure and with a safe environment, it is wonderful to see how quickly the children feel at ease and start freely exploring the indoor and outdoor learning environments.

It was lovely to observe some of the Pink Chicks helping their peers and encouraging them to join in the play. They shared their toys and demonstrated how to use the climbing apparatus in our Outdoor Learning Environment. We wish everyone all the best in the upcoming academic year and are looking forward to having lots of fun together!


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