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Chicks News - 11th November 2022

The Chicks had a musical week at 345 Nursery this week and our Topic Story was Listen to the Music by Marion Billet. The children were enchanted by the different types of classical music they were introduced to in the book, including music from Mozart, Vivaldi, Strauss and many more. The children took turns to press the button on each page to hear the amazing orchestra!

The children throughly enjoyed our Role Play Area which was set up as a theatre where they took on a variety of roles from selling tickets and ice cream to preforming on the stage. The children’s favourite song to sing was 'Paw patrol' where they sang the lyrics with great gusto!

Another popular activity throughout the week was building with the construction blocks and Duplo where the children worked together to building rockets, boats and houses!

The highlight of the week however was our first school outing to our sister nursery 345 Balham Nursery School where we attended an orchestral workshop. The children had the opportunity to learn the different names of a range of string, woodwind and brass instruments and we listened to all the different sounds individually and observed the differences between them. The best part was when all the instruments were played together and the Chicks were amazed at the effect of all the sounds being played at the same time.

After the musical performance we talked about the different materials the instruments were made of and we were allowed to touch the big tuba to feel how the sound vibrates. The musicians taught us how to conduct an orchestra and we moved our whole bodies to indicate the speed the instruments should be played at. We were lucky enough to listen to pieces of music by Rossini, Vivaldi and Ravel where we copied and clapped out simple rhythms and beats and had a lot of fun dancing together to the music. We were so proud of the Chicks for happily participating in the workshop and engaging so brilliantly in all of the activities.

There was a lot of conversation around the fireworks this week and all the amazing colours the children saw while at the fireworks at the weekend. This inspired us to make fruit rockets during our Cooking activity. The children were very good at naming the fruits, peeling them and cutting up the fruit before they pushed them onto the fruit skewer. The children wizzed them up into the sky before eating their finished fruity rockets!

On Friday the children painted their hands to make poppies and we reflected and discussed why we celebrate Remembrance Day. On the messy table the children used the cotton reels to make poppies, stamping them onto the black paper. During Circle time we continued our learning by talking about why we remember the soldiers from the past and the present.


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