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Chicks News - 14th January 2022

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

We were all delighted to welcome the Chicks and our new starters back this week after the Christmas break. There was lots of chatter about fun activities at home, Fathers Christmas and receiving presents.

We began the week by learning all about kindness. Our topic book Kindness Makes us Strong by Sophie Beer is a story about a family who celebrate lots of acts of kindness, big and small from a "friendly hello to a roaring cheer". The children discovered the power of small acts of kindness, whether it’s sharing a toy or giving a hug to a friend when they are upset. The book offered a great opportunity to teach us how to be kind to others and it opened up lots of conversations around what kindness looks like and describing times that others had shown kindness to us.

Our Role Play Area this week was set up as a home corner and the Chicks were busy looking after the home by sweeping, hovering, washing, cooking and tending to the babies. It was lovely to watch the children acting out scenarios from home and caring for others.

During our Maths Lesson the children continued to explore 2D shapes. The Orange Chicks had great fun building with the shapes and then observing what happened when they knocked them over. The Green Chicks matched the coloured shapes by sticking them onto their activity sheets and the Pink and Yellow Chicks talked about the different properties of shapes. We discussed the differences between shapes and counted how many corners each shape has.

It has been wonderful to continue our learning outside and the Chicks have had great fun exploring baking cakes and making lots of soup to keep us warm in the Mud Kitchen.


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