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Chicks News - 15th September 2023

This week our Topic Story was It’s Not Yours, It’s Mine! by Susanna Moores. This is a charming story about a little rabbit that was given a ball as a present. It’s a lovely red ball, and it’s not for sharing! But what happens when the ball loses it’s bounce? Blieka didn’t want to share his ball so he took it everywhere he went until one day his ball looked different. Blieka needs help and two of his friends come to the rescue. Success! So Blieka decided to give sharing a try. Word spread that Blieka was sharing his ball so everyone brought their toys to share too! This was a brilliant book to introduce the classroom principles to the children including the importance of 'Taking Turns' and 'Kind Hearts.

Our Focus Time activities were all about getting to know our new friends, sharing and turn taking. The Pink Chicks have also recapped on our Classroom Principles and it has been amazing to see how well they have remembered them.

To help the Yellow and Green Chicks understand the Classroom Principles they decorated a kind heart using different materials, painted their hands for gentle hands, made sand timers for taking turns and traced around their feet to show walking feet during our Art project.

There was a lot of interest in vehicles this week and in the Indoor Learning Environment the children enjoyed playing with the small world cars and garage. On the Messy table they used the cars and paint to make marks on the paper, they went on a train journey with the Small World trains and had fun driving the dinosaurs around the Dino track.

In the Outdoor Learning Environment the children had great fun exploring the Investigation Area, mixing soil and water together to make wonderful mud creations and in the sandpit the children played with the diggers and the tractors, scooping up the sand. In the physical area they were busy washing the cars and going on journeys to the shops, park and the airport.

We are all looking forward to another busy week next week at 345 Wandsworth.


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