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Chicks News - 16th September 2022

This weeks the Chicks Topic book was Maisy Goes to Nursery by Lucy Cousins. This was a wonderful story to start the Autumn Term with and to support our adjustment to life back at the Nursery. .

In the story Maisy joins her friends for a busy day at nursery where she has lots of fun with all of her friends. When Maisy arrives at nursery she finds her peg to hang her coat on before saying hello to her friends. She starts her day painting at the easel and at this point in the story the Chicks loved discussing all of the different things they have been painting too!

Maisy and her friends then play outdoors on the slide, sea saw and with the toy cars. After playing outside Maisy has snack with her friends and then it’s time for a rest. In the afternoon Maisy and her friends play with the musical instruments and sing songs. Finally, at home time Maisy says goodbye to her friends and she can’t wait until tomorrow for another busy day at nursery.

The children related well to the story and loved the bold and bright illustrations in the book. We discussed all the favourite things they like to do while at Nursery and the most popular answers were painting, playing with the cars, as well as playing in the sandpit and climbing on the climbing frame!

As well as talking about our daily routine and the activities we enjoy doing at nursery we also re-capped our understanding of the Classroom principles. It has been amazing to to see how well the Chicks have understood the need for the principles and it has been so lovely to watch the children repeating them and reminding their peers to use their "gentle hands” and “walking feet”.

In the Outdoor Learning Environment the children have had great fun exploring the Mud Kitchen and playing in the sandpit with a variety of toys and equipment on offer. The climbing frame was also very popular and it was amazing to she how confident the Chicks are becoming when climbing up and over the climbing frame and the progress they are making in developing their gross motor skills..

On Friday, we practiced using the rope and holding onto the 'magic knot' in preparation for our upcoming adventures on Wandsworth Common. We were all very proud of the Chicks for wearing the high visible jackets and holding tightly onto the rope. They were doing so well that we decided to venture out of the nursery and the children had great fun kicking up the Autumn leaves.

The highlight of the week however was our Cookery activity, where the children made healthy and delicious scones which they loved eating for a snack afterwards! They were very good at waiting and turn taking, while adding the ingredients to the bowl. They used their hands to knead the dough and had fun cutting out the scones with the circular cutters before placing them carefully onto the baking tray ready to be baked.

We've had a wonderful week and we can't wait to watch the Chicks progress next week!


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