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Chicks News - 18th March 2022

This week our topic book was Dinosaur Farm by Penny Dale. The story takes us on an adventure down on the farm where the Dinosaurs are working very hard to get the crops and animals ready for the farm show. Each page shows the dinosaurs working with different machinery to get the job done.

The children journeyed with the dinosaurs to plough the stoney soil, spread the smelly muck across the fields to feed the soil, cut the golden hay with the combine harvester before getting all the vegetables and animals ready for the show. The dinosaurs had great fun celebrating and showing off all their goods after their busy week on the farm.

We took inspiration from our topic book by transforming our Role Play Area into a farm shop. The Chicks had great fun re-packing their bags and shopping baskets with all the yummy vegetables and fruits on offer. We discussed the different products you could buy on a farm and what animals we might see while visiting the farm.

We continued to explore dinosaurs in a number of different ways throughout the week. The children developed their hand eye-coronation and fine motor skills by making salt dough fossils and on the messy table the children had to help release the dinosaurs from the ice by using pipettes and hammers.

During Art the Chicks also painted dinosaurs of their choice, with the most popular choice being the T-Rex! We discussed what details we needed to include on our pictures and it was wonderful to see the Chicks recalling their knowledge of the different types of dinosaurs from our topic book.

On our Outdoor Learning Day the Green and Orange Chicks went to the Common to play games with the parachute. They stomped like dinosaurs around the parachute and played sleeping dinosaurs. The Yellow and Pink Chicks listened to music while following directions using the rhythm sticks for their Physical development activity. They all listened extremely well and worked their arm muscles by moving the sticks up, down, to the side, in front and behind.

This week the Chicks continued learning their Anima phonics and we introduced them to a new sound - “d” (digging dog). We practised sounding out the letter and had great fun using paint to print dog foot prints on paper.

We have had a great week and it has been brilliant to see the Chicks continuing to develop their physical and cognitive skills by taking on and exploring a variety of activities throughout the week.


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