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Chicks News - 18th November 2022

This week the Chicks Topic story was The Three Little Pigs retold by Ronnie Randall. This is a classic fairytale story about three little pigs that had to leave home and set off on their own. The pigs all built their houses out of different materials. The first little pig built his house using straw, the second little pig built his house using sticks and the third little pig built his house using bricks. Which little pig built the strongest house? The cunning wolf watched the little pigs built their houses and he wanted to eat them up. The pigs were very clever and the Wolf burnt his bottom when climbing down the chimney. He was never seen again.

The Chicks have throughly enjoyed all aspects of this story from acting out scenarios and building their own houses. The Role Play area was transformed into the three little pigs house where the children got into character, taking on the roles of the pigs and the wolf and acting out scenes from the story. It was wonderful to watch the children playing together acting out the different scenes within the story and developing their recall skills of the events that took place.

In our Literacy activity we discussed the different materials that the little pigs used to build their houses and thought about their different properties each of them have. This was a great critical thinking exercise to encourage the children to think about what these materials are used for and to think about their advantages and disadvantages.

We continued our discussion on our learning walk around the estate where we worked together to find different materials within our environment. The children found that the flats were made of bricks, the fence was wooden and the barriers were made of plastic. With this knowledge the children came back to Nursery and independently matched the materials to the pictures that were on the table.

During our Maths activity the children looked at different 2D shapes and made shape houses using paper and glue. We challenged the children to work together to build a house using the large bricks. The children got to work and together they stacked the bricks up to make 4 walls. They quickly remembered that they would need a roof and a chimney for the wolf to come down. They were all very proud of their little pigs house that they built.

In Cookery this week the children made pizzas. After discussing and naming the different ingredients we would need, the children cut the tomatoes, spread on the tomato paste and sprinkled on the grated cheese. Once cooked the children enjoyed eating them for their snack. Yummy!

It has been a brilliant week of learning and we are all looking forward to another fun packed week next week.


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