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Chicks News - 1st October 2021

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

We had lots of fun with our topic book Fox’s Socks by Julia Donaldson this week. In the story poor Mr Fox has lost his socks and it was up to us to try and help him find them! Many children were familiar with the book and it was lovely to observe them completing the rhymes in the book and predicting where the Fox would find his socks next. During Literacy, we used the rhyming boxes to explore rhyming further and had lots of fun making up nonsense rhymes whilst playing with the objects.

We took inspiration from our topic book and set to work making pairs of socks during Art. We decorated them with a range of materials including wool, patterned tissue paper, bubble wrap, feathers and cotton wool and described the different textures and colours. We discussed our own socks and during Maths the children had the chance to match real socks, focusing on matching up the correct colours and patterns. While completing their activity sheets the children paired pictures of socks and learned how to use the glue sticks, remembering to put the lids back on.

Our Role Play area has been a busy construction site this week and the Chicks have used a range of construction materials, tools, protective clothing, and other resources including walkie-talkies and phones. We continued developing our construction skills in the Outdoor Learning Environment where the children used shaving foam to stick large bricks together and loved working together to build with the large Lego blocks. They studied the pictures of heavy machinery displayed in the area and used hammers and saws to fix all the furniture and the climbing frame.

In Cookery we made delicious and colourful fruit salads. The children tasted a range of fruits and used knives to cut the soft fruit and peeled the satsumas independently. We made the salad together and enjoyed it for our snack on Wednesday morning. This was a great activity to support the Chicks fine motor skills and offered an opportunity for us to discuss our likes and dislikes.

The children are getting increasingly settled and familiar with their surroundings and it is lovely to observe how they are starting to challenge themselves and take risks, especially when using the climbing frame in our Outdoor Learning Environment.


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