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Chicks News - 23rd April 2021

It was wonderful to welcome the Chicks back at school this week after the Easter break. The children settled back into nursery life quickly and loved being back with their peers. We focused on recalling their holiday memories which the children depicted in their paintings. It was lovely to see the Chicks sharing and discussing some of their favourite activities and memories from the break. Most of the children painted their family members but we also had a selection of chocolate and rainbow eggs!

We have focused many of our activities on nature this week in celebration of Earth Day! Each group ventured outside to look for the signs of Spring and to see how the environment had changed since March. We noticed the bluebells and lots of leaves on the trees. We were very pleased with the tulips flowering in the garden and our wormery is a hive of activity with worms and woodlice busy setting to work to aid the composting process. All the vegetable peelings and leaves we placed in the wormery before the holidays have almost gone. The Pink Chicks extended their learning about insects by learning about bees and pollination. We discussed how bees pollinate and why this is such an important job for both the plants but also our wider environment.

During Maths the children explored shapes, creating patterns with them on butterfly wings. The Pink Chicks focused on recognising a hexagon, which was also linked to learning about beehives. The children used lots of hexagons to create a large beehive together before completing their colour-by-number beehives on their activity sheet.

We are thrilled to have reintroduced our class mascots which will go home with the children on weekly basis. The children had lots of fun selecting a name for their mascots and anticipated with excitement the announcement about where they will spend their first weekend.


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