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Chicks News - 23rd September 2022

This week the Chicks topic book was Dazzling Diggers by Tony Milton. In the book we find out that diggers are noisy, big and strong and diggers can carry and push and dig. Diggers have shovels to scoop and lift, blades that bulldoze, shunt, and shift. Sloshing and squelching, smashing and bashing, the construction machinery does its work. The Chicks have adored listening to the story in this lively picture book and particularly enjoyed looking through the pages independently in the reading corner throughout the week.

This story has sparked great conversations about vehicles and the children have extended their vocabulary by learning new words while playing with the diggers both in our indoor and outdoor learning environments. The children particular enjoyed helping Bob the builder scoop, dig, and dump their load in the messy tray with the soil and sand.

Our Art activity this week has been focused on expanding our learning of recycled materials and the children have been using their creativity to make their own, cars, trucks, and buses and even a pair of roller skates!

Following our digger theme the Chicks have been busy in our Role Play Construction site, building towers, walls and houses with the foam bricks and the shaving foam. The children were also busy on the telephones and working away on the laptop.

During our Maths activity the children throughly enjoyed our matching and sorting game were they independently matched the correct diggers before sticking them down on their activity sheet.

The Outdoor Learning Environment remains hugely popular and it has been wonderful to watch the Chicks confidence grow as they can independently climb the various walls and ropes on the climbing frame. They have also loved the obstacle courses that were out this week where they have had the opportunity to practise their balancing skills and hand eye- coordination.

We look forward to another full and busy week, next week at 345 Nursery!


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