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Chicks News - 24th February 2023

This week the Chicks classroom has been a hive of activity as we have orbited into space. Our Topic story was Space Song Rocket Ride by Sunny Scribens and the children taking joining the characters on a big adventure, blasting through the galaxy to our solar system and exploring the mysteries of space to a rocking beat!

To continue with our focus on space, we transformed our role play area into a Space Station were the children dressed up as astronauts, wizzing through space looking at the planets and finding aliens.

In Free Play they enjoyed playing with the small world space track and taking part in an 'alien' tea party, where they made green slimy tea and alien cupcakes with the playdough.

For our Literacy lesson, we continued our learning of the different planets, including learning about their names and sizes. We discussed that the sun wasn’t a planet but a star and the children all recognised planet earth. The Yellow Chicks talked about the different planets and learned that some are rocky and others are gas planets.

The children also used the loose parts to make rockets and the shiny jewels were particularly popular! We also had other wonderful creations such as fruit sandwiches. In other activities, the children loved building with the magnetic shape tiles where they made fabulous buildings, including churches with steeples, fire engines and houses.

We all look forward to another fun pack week, next week at 345.


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