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Chicks News - 24th June 2022

This week the Chicks topic book was Number One Sam by Greg Pizzoli which offered a brilliant way to prepare us for Sports Day.

In the story we meet Sam, the best race driver in history, he is number one at every race! But when his best friend Maggie, shows that she has a racing talent of her own, Sam doesn’t know how to handle coming in second place. Will he learn what it truly means to be a winner? The next day Sam was terribly nervous about the race, he started off poorly but soon gained speed. But suddenly a group of chicks wandered onto the track and Sam was confronted with a choice, to go around them and risk the other drivers not noticing the little chicks, or stop and help them, thereby forfeiting the race. Thankfully he made the right choice and rescued the chicks. At the finishing line all his friends cheered, and Sam was number one, not for winning but for helping others! This story offered a great platform to discuss the idea that even if we don’t win, that it is okay and it encouraged us to think about our feelings.

The Chicks highlight of this week was their Mini Sports Day’s, which were held in the Outdoor Learning Environment for the Green, Orange and Yellow Chicks. The Pick Chicks had their Mini Sports Day on the Common. It was lovely to observe everyone’s enthusiasm when completing the races. The Chicks all did us proud and were absolute superstars and everyone was very excited to receive a medal and an ice lolly when the races had finished.

This week Miss Katka brought in caterpillars for the children to observe. Everyone was very excited to watch the caterpillars move around in the pot and this inspired us to discuss the life cycle of a butterfly. The teachers read The Very Hungry Caterpillar story to the Chicks throughout the week and in our Literacy focus activity the children stuck down the pictures of the life cycle of a butterfly in the correct sequence order. We have loved learning all about the life cycle and can’t wait until the butterflies emerge!


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