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Chicks News - 24th May 2024

This week the Chicks Topic book was How a Helicopter works by Lara Bryan and this informed our learning about the air ambulnce and emergency services. In the story we learned about the different parts of the helicopter, the equipment the air ambulance uses and all about its rescue team.

During the week the children had a lot of fun constructing helicopters out of Duplo, rescuing people using toy helicopters and saving animals that were ‘lost’ in the cloud dough.

The absolute highlight of the week however was our trip to the common where the Chick were set the important mission of rescuing a baby. They answered the distress call and found out that a baby boy had fallen out of the tree and needed rescuing. The children packed their bag with a blanket for the baby, telephone, first aid kit and binoculars. Once the bag was packed they rushed to start the helicopter engine by all holding on to the parachute. The engine was ready to go and off they went on the helicopter.

They had to work together to push and pull the helicopter which led them to the ladder. This encouraged the children to strengthen their gross motor skills as well as sharing and taking turns with their friends. The children searched for the baby and we found the fallen baby who was injured and needed attention. The Pink Chicks acted quickly and assessed the situation before administrating first aid. The children listened for a heart beat and once the baby was stable they transferred him to the stretcher and transported the baby back to the helicopter as quickly as possible in order to get further medical assistance from the hospital. 

During the week we have also been completing fund raising challenges to support the Children's Air Ambulance. We are excited to share the total amount we have raised once it has all been collected.  


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