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Chicks News - 25th March 2022

This week was all about our Mummies and our topic book was Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson. This is an enchanting story about a baby monkey that has lost his mummy. Can butterfly help the monkey find his mummy? Yes he does but not before a lot of trial and error as butterfly misunderstands monkeys descriptions and leads him to all sorts of other animals.

The sun was shining all week and the Chicks spent a lot of their time in the Outdoor Learning Environment. On Monday the Pink and Yellow Chicks went on their Outdoor Learning walk to the Common where they had great fun climbing trees. Their task this week was to find natural items to make a Forest School “Shower Curtain”. They worked in pairs and collected a range of brilliant objects such as sticks, leaves, feathers, and daises. With help from the teachers, we then tied the items onto pieces of string to make the shower curtain.

Our Maths activity this week was all about positional language and the Chicks challenge was to stick the monkeys onto the tree. They listened carefully to the instructions and placed them on top, in the middle and down at the bottom of the tree. We extended this activity by using animals form our topic book and working together to place the animals next to, on top, to the front and to the back of the elephant.

The Chicks highlight of the week was our annual ‘Bring Mummy to School Day’. They were all extremely excited and proud to show their Mummies around the classroom and to explain all of the activities they do while at Nursery. The morning routine all ways starts with taking our coats off and hanging them on our pegs, washing our hands and then finding our names before posting them into the post box. Next it was off to play! The Mummies joined them in their play, exploring both the indoor and outdoor learning environments. Finally, before the mummies went home, we all listened to our topic book which was read by one of the Mummies. It was a brilliant morning and we can’t wait to welcome you back next year!

During our Cookery activity the chicks made delicious biscuits for Mother’s Day. The children mixed all the ingredients together, taking it in turns. Once the dough was ready, we rolled it out with the rolling pins and used the heart shaped cutters to make our biscuits. This activity was very good for developing the Chicks fine motor skills and hand eye- coordination and everyone was very excited to give them to their Mummies once they came out the oven!

On the Art table the children made Mother’s Day cards for their Mummies. They used a heart shaped stencil and cotton reels to make prints onto the card and while the card was drying the children happily wrote their names on paper ready to stick into the card. On Friday the Chicks were all very excited to give their Mummies their cards and biscuits to wish them a happy Mother’s Day and of course the highlight was eating the biscuits!


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