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Chicks News - 25th September 2020

The week our topic book was Oh Dear! by Rod Campbell. In the book we followed the journey of a little boy called Buster who journeys around his Grandma’s farm trying to find some eggs for breakfast. On his journey he discovers lots of different animals on the farm. The children loved listening to the story and pointing out the different names of the farm animals. They particularly enjoyed joining in aloud with the repeated refrains!

We continued our focus on farm animals during Free Play where the children enjoyed playing with a range of different farm-related resources including animals and plastic fruit and vegetables. They particularly loved searching for different types of fruits and vegetables which were hidden in the straw. 

In Art the children enjoyed painting with the hay and straw and making trails and patterns by dipping the tractors and animals feet into the paint and printing them paper. The children extended their painting activity by painting a large box at the DT table and pretending that it was a Big Red Combine Harvester. 

During Focus Time this week the children used their amazing memory skills of the story to complete their activity sheet, matching up the different farm animals to their houses. They were particularly excited to take part in one of our activities where we pretended to be Buster and had to search for lots of hidden eggs around the classroom. In this activity the children learned and practiced their knowledge of positional language including, ‘on top’, ‘under’ and ‘between’.

In Cookery we had lots of fun talking about different vegetables; describing what they looked like and if we knew what they were. We also encouraged all of the children to taste them and they enjoyed discussing their different tastes and textures!

In preparation for our Harvest Festival on Friday the children spent the week practicing some of our favourite Harvest songs including; ‘Dig potatoes’, ‘Big Red Combine Harvester’ and ‘On the Farmers Apple Tree’. The children performed the songs at the end of the week with amazing enthusiasm and had lots of fun joining in with all the actions too!


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