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Chicks News - 28th April 2023

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

It was wonderful to welcome the Chicks back after the Easter break and we have been excited to welcome our new Chicks who have settled into the Nursery extremely well and have had lots of fun exploring their new Indoor and Outdoor Learning Environments.

This week the Chicks Topic story was Superworm by Julia Donaldson. Superworm is a hero with a difference. He is super strong and always on hand to help out all the other animals and insects. Whether he’s saving baby toad from an accident, or rescuing nettles from falling down a well or offering himself up as a skipping rope for a group of bored bees Superworm is always around when you need him!

This Topic book offered a great opportunity to extend the children’s comprehension ability and to support their listening skills. While in their groups, the children worked together to retell the events in the story, using the story spoons for props and even had a go at making up their own new endings.

During our Maths Focus activity we focused on measurement and the children rolled out worms and compared their sizes. The Pink and Yellow Chicks used the unifix to measure how long the worms were on their activity sheets and counted out how many unifix they needed before finding the correct number and sticking it next to their worms.

We continued to take inspiration from our Topic Book while on our Outdoor Learning Walk to the Common this week. The wet weather made it easier for the children to find worms that were hiding under logs and once we'd found them we put the worms into the magnifying pots to observe them more closely. The children also found lots of worms in our Outdoor Learning Environment hiding under the wooden chairs and they very carefully picked them up and placed them into our Wormery. It was amazing to see the excitement on the children’s faces when handling the worms.

Throughout the week we continued our learning about insects and animals and the Chicks enjoyed looking for bugs in our Messy Trays. They also used the playdough to make worms and with natural materials the children made their worms into swings, ropes, slides and hoops. They used Loose parts to make bugs and towards the end of the week the Chicks matched the bugs to their natural habitats.

Next week will be another busy week where we will be getting ready for the King's Conation.


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