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Chicks News - 2nd December 2022

Christmas is fast approaching and the children have been busy preparing for the festive season. The children are rehearsing for our Christmas concert and we have been so impressed with their brilliant singing. We have also been busy making Christmas cards and special presents for our Mummies and Daddies.

The Chicks have enjoyed listening to a variety of festive books this week and one of their favourites has been, Father Christmas Needs a Wee by Nicholas Allan. This is a lovely counting book where Father Christmas delivers presents for the children. When he arrives at their houses he finds lots of different drinks for him to drink. The children giggled with delight as Father Christmas helps himself to tasty treats as he delivers the presents, only to find he really, really, really needs a wee!!

In the classroom, the children have enjoyed exploring the small world Nativity scene, playing with the characters and acting out scenes from the popular story book The Nativity by Stephen Baker. We were all impressed with their ability to sequence the key events and retell parts of the story.

In Art we made Christmas tree decorations which we painted and decorated with glitter. The children can’t wait to display them on our tree in the classroom. The Practical Life activities have also been popular this week where the Chicks have spent time pouring, spooning and transferring different substances such as oats and water from pot to pot.

It has been lovely to observe the children working together and taking risks when building with the large Duplo bricks this week both inside and in our Outdoor Learning Environment. A highlight was watching a group of children working together to build bridges and the big bad Wolf’s house. The children are also challenging themselves and taking risks while playing on the climbing frame were they are independently climbing on the various walls, ropes and poles.

This week the children have also enjoyed making mincemeat pies during our Cookery lesson. They chopped up the fruits and made a pastry case for the jam and the fruit. This is a great exercise for sharing, turn taking, hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.

We can’t wait for more festive fun next week at 345!


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