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Chicks News - 3rd February 2023

The Chicks have had a very busy week at 345 Wandsworth and have enjoyed taking part in a range of activities inspired by our topic book Whoosh Around The Mulberry Bush by Jan Ormerod. This wonderful story gave the children the opportunity to develop their learning about different habitats and wildlife.

The story starts with children dancing around the Mulberry bush and then set off around the world to show us all sorts of animals, including hens pecking around the chicken coop, monkeys swinging around the jungle, polar bears and artic hares sliding around the icicles and zebras kicking their heels by the waterhole. The children loved copying the actions and trying to replicate the noises the different animals would make.

We continued to learn about habitats and animals in our literacy activity where the children were given the challenge of trying to match up different animals to the correct habitats on their worksheets. It was great to see how much existing knowledge and understanding the children had about the animals and their habitats.

In Cookery, the children refined their fine motor skills by making banana cupcakes! They peeled and chopped the bananas before mashing the banana with a fork. We also practiced our maths skills by measuring and counting out the rest of the ingredients before mixing them together. Once the muffins were ready, we put them in the oven before enjoying the or snack time later that day - everyone decided they were very yummy!!

Our Role Play area was transformed into a Doctor’s Surgery this week and the children loved caring for the babies, taking their temperature and listening to their heartbeat with the stethoscope. They all worked together, sharing and taking turns and one of the Chicks' highlights was working together to put bandages on their teachers!

Elsewhere in the classroom enjoyed using the Duplo and Mega blocks to build habitats for the animals. We look forward to another fun filled week next week!


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