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Chicks News - 3rd November 2023

This week the Chicks Topic story was The Dino’s on the Bus by Peter Millett and the children have throughly enjoyed going on an adventure with the dinosaurs. “The Wheels on the Bus” transforms into ‘squeals’ on the bus as the little dinos travel up and down, round and round and all through the land. The dinosaurs, roar, stomp, clap and get chased by a T-Rex opening and shouting his mouth to catch the bus!

The Chicks loved playing in the Role Play Area which we turned into a bus which they drove around the land, stomping their feet and clapping hands along to our Topic story. They extended this play in the Outdoor Learning Environment by working together to build a bus with the wooden stools and then driving their bus as a group.

We continued to explore dinosaur themed activities throughout the week and the children were very excited to get messy with the cornflour, stomping the dinosaurs up and down whilst singing along to the song. They also went on adventures with the dinosaurs to outer space and helped them put out the fires when exploring the Small World Fire Station and the Space rockets! Finally the enjoyed making buses using a variety of construction blocks for the dinosaurs to drive around the land.

In our Write Dance session the Chicks further developed their gross motor skills by making large circular movements with ribbons, before exploring the same movements in sand. They also experimented with marks whilst using pens and listening to the tune of “The Wheels on the Bus” whilst singing the words from our Topic Story ‘The Dinos on the Bus’. In our Maths lesson they counted dinosaurs up to 5 and then stuck them down onto their bus on their activity sheet.

We ended the week with lots of discussions around Bonfire Night and the children delighted in creating firework pictures using loo rolls and glitter. This will lead us into next week’s Topic where we will look at the Festival of Light, Diwali.


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