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Chicks News - 7th October 2022

It has been a very busy week for the Chicks at 345 Nursery and to prepare us for our Harvest Festival celebrations we chose the topic book Old MacDonald had a Farm by Pam Adams. This Nursery rhyme is one of the Chicks favourites and they loved exploring all the different farm animals as we went through the story.

Throughout the week the children have enjoyed using a variety of Montessori Practical Life exercises including spooning sand, transferring water and cutting up playdough using knifes.

They particularly love playing with the Small World toys and this week the children had the opportunity to hunt for dinosaurs in our messy tray, explore the different farm animals on the farm and help the Firefighters put out fires! The children have also been busy building with a variety of construction equipment and have practices their teamwork skills by working together to build tall towers, and measure how tall their towers were.

In Literacy this week the Chicks loved exploring the story spoons, acting out scenarios and singing along to Old MacDonald had a Farm. Our biggest highlight of the week however was most definitely celebrating the Harvest Festival with our families.

To celebrate the festival at the Nursery with held a service led by Jim Sutton from Balham Baptist Church. We celebrated by giving food donations and the Chicks performed a range of songs for the parents. We are all very proud of our children for listening and singing with such gusto!! A huge well done to everyone and a big thank you to everyone for your generous donations.

Near the end of the week the children went on an Autumn walk. We discussed the changes around us starting to happen as we move into Autumn and we observed the different colours of the leaves as they start to fall to the ground.

The Chicks had great fun kicking up the leaves and listening to the sounds the leaves were making. Our excitement continued when we came across the Estates garden which has been developed in memory of our Late Queen, Queen Elizabeth ll. We discovered a variety of different herbs, fruit and vegetables that were growing in the garden. It was lovely to see the community working together to provide food for the neighbourhood and the Chicks loved commenting on all of the lovely smells coming from the herbs!


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