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Chicks News - 8th January 2021

This week we were very pleased to welcome the children back after the Christmas holiday break. We have had a wonderful first week and enjoyed diving straight into a lot of fun and exciting learning and play opportunities. We began by recapping our classroom principles and re-established our knowledge of our daily routine. There were lots of group discussions about our classroom principles and we were very pleased that the children recalled them with ease. The children even remember to remind each other to use their ‘walking feet’ in the classroom!

In our Focus Time activity the children shared their holiday news with us which they subsequently illustrated. Many of the pictures included their family members, Father Christmas and gifts as well. It is lovely to observe the children being able to comment on their creations with the older members of the Chicks starting to draw recognisable pictures, e.g. a human body with a head and limbs.

A particular highlight of the week was our fruit tasting session on Thursday which the children adored. We tasted a range of fruit and focused on using descriptive language to describe the textures and tastes of the different fruits. We used words such as juicy, crunchy, sweet, sour, soft and bitter and closely observed and compared what the fruit looked like on the outside and the inside. Miss Katka predicted that the kiwi fruit would be purple on the inside, but luckily the children told her that that is not right and a kiwi is in fact green! We asked the children lots of open-ended questions about the fruit and respected their likes and dislikes which continues to support our teaching of British Values.

During Art the task was to create ‘something beautiful’. Each group used different techniques to make their creations. The Green Chicks painted whilst the Yellow and Orange Chicks used a range of materials to create collages. The Pink Chicks used playdough, combined with loose parts play materials, to make their beautiful things. The children then used the iPad to take photographs of their creations which were printed and displayed in the classroom.

In Drama, we had lots of fun using the juggling scarves to make large arm movements and danced to a range of classical music as well as playing peek-a-boo. In Free Play the children loved playing with a range of small world toys including the Peppa Pig world, space rockets, the fire station, toy insects and cars.


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