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Chicks News- 9th September 2022

This week we welcomed the children back into Nursery life at 345. It was wonderful to see all the returning children and to hear all of their exciting news of their summer holiday adventures. It has also been amazing to see how much they have all grown and developed over the summer break and we can't wait to continue our learning journey this year!

It has been lovely to welcome all the new children and their families into the classroom this week and it has been wonderful to see how well everyone has settled into the classroom and we are very proud of the children who joined us this week.

Our topic book this week has been You by Emma Dodd. This is a lovely story about a funny little monkey that has someone special who loves him more and more every day. The Chicks have throughly enjoyed listening to this story and it was a great opportunity to discuss emotions and to talk about family members that are dear to us and who we love.

We introduced the classroom principles to the Green Chicks and the Pink and Yellow Chicks were very proud to share their knowledge on the classroom principles, explaining what they are and why we follow them. It was lovely to see the Chicks engaging with their peers encouraging the new children to join in with their play.

There were lots to explore in both the indoor and outdoor learning environments and it was great to observe the children moving around the environments confidently, playing alongside their peers.

We wish everyone all the best in the upcoming academic year and we are looking forward to having lots of fun!


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