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Fledglings News - 17th June 2022

To begin our preparations for Fathers Day, we chose the topic book Daddy’s Sandwich by Pip Jones. The book encouraged the children to discuss their Father’s favourite things from foods to hobbies. The children really enjoyed engaging with this topic and they were excited to get ready for Father’s Day and our Bring Daddy to School Day on Friday. We took inspiration from the topic by setting up our Role Play area as ‘Daddy’s Office’ as the children often talk about visiting their parents’ office. Throughout the week the children pretended to send emails, make important phone calls and were very busy at work using our keyboards and phones.

Based on the children’s interest of discussing different countries we extended this with a world map puzzle in Free Play which instantly captured the children’s interest. It was wonderful to see the children working together to find the correct pieces and the concentration that was involved!

Our Mark-Making table was also buzzing all week with children using different media and enjoying using our animal themed mindfulness colouring pages.

We extended Mark-Making to our Outdoor Learning Environment where the children explored shadow drawing. It was lovely to see the children exploring which side of the paper they had to sit to avoid blocking the sun and to be able to create shadow drawings.

At our messy table this week the biggest hit was the water beads where there were different food items hidden. The children enjoyed this tactile activity and got elbow deep in water beads to find plastic food items to build daddy a sandwich! We continued our focus on our Daddies in Art where the children created Father’s Day cards as well as creating props for our upcoming Sports Day. They also enjoyed practising their lines and songs for our quickly approaching Leavers Concert. In our Outdoor Learning Environment the children also worked as a team to build different balancing obstacle courses and they enjoyed challenging themselves by climbing, balancing and jumping off of them. On Friday the children brought their Fathers to School and they showed them around the classroom and had the chance to play together. At the end of the session the children sang some Father’s Day songs and one of the Daddies read a story. We had a lovely, sunny and exciting week with learning, development and play!


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