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Fledglings News - 1st March 2024

This week the Fledglings have been focusing on how our actions can have an impact on others and we chose the fable The Bear and The Bees as our Topic Story to support our learning. In the story the bear gets very angry and breaks the bees' hive resulting in the bees not having a home and the bear being stung. The children loved the story and it sparked a lot of discussion about the lives of bees and the important role that they play in our ecosystem. This influenced many of our Free Play activities where we enjoyed making flower meadows, following step by step drawings of bees and flowers and using the pipettes to transfer ‘nectar’. 

During our Maths Focus Time we learnt about new shapes, focusing specifically on hexagons and used them to create Tessellation patterns. During our STEM Focus Time we learnt about how the bees make honey and enjoyed learning about the ‘waggle dance’ where the bees communicate the location of flowers to the other bees in the colony. 

It was a very wet Outdoor Learning Day this week but it didn’t stop us from having a great time. We took musical instruments and created our own band, continuing our learning from our Music session about rhythm as well as doing some number work, exploring the ability of transferring skills we learnt in one location to another. 

We are very excited about the special events coming up next week which include ‘Bring Mummy to School’ day and World Book Day. 


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