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Fledglings News - 21st May 2021

We have had a busy week in the lead up to our Art Exhibition, which we celebrated on Friday. The exhibition was a huge success, and showcased all of the children's amazing artwork, culminating from our 3-week Artists topic. It was lovely to see the children taking pride in their artworks and showing great confidence when walking their parents around the classroom; pointing out which artwork was theirs and explaining how they made it. The Fledglings teachers are extremely proud of children!

Our Role Play was set up as an Art Studio where the children explored colouring, sponge painting and drawing. The children particularly enjoyed using the pipettes to experiment with colour mixing, discussing the reactions amongst each other with great excitement.

During Science the children continued their learning about the body with a focus on the skeleton. This was extended form our recent Art Project where we took inspiration from Picasso's by creating sculptures. We discussed what we already knew about skeletons before finding out what our bones are used for and how they are connected.

Our literacy and story building tables were extremely popular amongst the children during Free Play who enjoyed independently building on their interest of letters, words, blending, writing and storytelling.

Our small world and fine motor skills tables have been inspired by the children’s interest in animals. The Fledglings enjoyed using the small world objects to create scenes with the safari and the farm animals based on their experience and their knowledge of the animals from books. On our fine motor skills tables, the children threaded shoe laces through animal shaped threading boards and they explored different latches and locks on our Montessori boards.

It has been a very busy and memorable week which we will all cherish. Now that we have seen our artist focus come to a close with our exhibition celebrations, we are ready for our next chapter. We have a filled few weeks ahead of us where we will be participating in a Scavenger hunt in aid of Ella’s Home, getting ready for our Father’s Day video and practising races for Sports Day. We have so many texting things to look forward to and we can't wait to welcome the children back on Monday!


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