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Fledglings News - 22nd October 2021

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

This week our topic was Cars, Trucks and Things that Go by Richard Scarry. The decision to choose this book was inspired by the children as they love discussing different forms of transportation and different types of vehicles. The book follows Officer Flossy who is on a mission to catch Dingo Dog who is speeding in his car. A chase ensues involving cars, planes, boats and diggers and it is up to us to help Officer Flossy catch up with Dingo!

The focus on vehicles informed all of our activities this week and on our Outdoor Learning Day we set to work to create and design our own mini town. The children used sticks to create roads for the cars to travel on and we extended our vocabulary by learning new words such as 'roundabout' and 'junction'. It was lovely to see how well the children worked together to build the roads and how they shared ideas.

We continued our activities back in the classroom and during Free Play the children engaged in Small World play related to vehicles. They enjoyed discussing the meaning of different road signs and the colours of the traffic lights and this was another great activity to extend the Fledglings vocabulary. In our messy play activity the children had the opportunity to use various sized vehicles and paint to create different marks. Some amazing marks and patterns were created and this activity also encouraged the children to initiate conversations amongst themselves about colour mixing. Finally, in Art the children created different vehicles by junk modelling at our DT table using cardboards, masking tape, loo rolls and paint.

Every year the children participate in creating pieces of artwork which are then printed on tea towels to commemorate their time at nursery. This year the children drew self-portraits. We gave them a mirror to look into and encouraged them to focus on observing their facial features and all of the different details relating to size, colour and position. We also discussed how many arms and legs they have. The children created some wonderful self-portraits and we can't wait to see the finished tea towels!

We continued incorporating literacy into our Free Play activities and this week we carried out a letter hunt by sticking anima phonics cards under the table. The children had to search for the cards and used magnifying glasses to find them. They had a lovely time crawling under the table and lying on the floor to identify the different letters and sounds including digraphs.

During our one to one activities the children engaged with pre-reading activities and practised using descriptive language and their comprehension skills. They looked at picture books without words and then described what they saw in the pictures. This was a wonderful activity to encourage the children to use descriptive words and to really pay attention to the details in the images.

We have had an amazing first half of the term filled with lots of exciting activities and events and we are looking forward to coming back after half term to continue playing, learning and growing together!


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