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Fledglings News - 23rd September 2022

The Fledglings have had a busy week, fitting a lot into our shortened week after the Queen's funeral on Monday. The children have continued to share their thoughts and experiences of the funeral and visiting the memorial flowers.

We began a new topic book this week called Macca the Alpaca. In the book we meet Macca, an alpaca who encounters a mean llama. However, he soon realises that maybe friendship and accepting the differences between them will actually bring them together.The story encouraged the children to think about their behaviour whilst engaging them through a rhyming rhythm. The Fledglings have enjoyed taking inspiration from the book to make their own collaborative artwork for display, recreating one of the scenes from the book.

The children have been engaged in a range of fine motor skill activities this week including paper punching, transferring using pipettes and pulling numbers out of sticky oobleck. The children have also been busy practising their writing skills by preparing special invitations to their Grandparents. Once they were finished, they excitedly posted their invitations for our Grandparents Day event and we are very much looking forward to welcoming the Grandparents into the classroom.

Our Outdoor Learning Day was filled with lots of imaginative play as the children used the resources from the mud kitchen to build campfires and make pasta together. We also collected a selection of leaves to press, which will be used in a future art project.


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