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Fledglings News - 28th April 2023

It was lovely to welcome the Fledglings back into the classroom after the Easter Holidays and the children were in high spirits talking about all the adventures they enjoyed. As part of of ongoing provisions and building their communication, recall and language skills we discussed our activities during our Focus Time. Parents had uploaded pictures of the children’s holiday and they loved discussing the details of the pictures.

Our Topic book this week was We Are Stardust by Elgin Kelsey which focuses on our connections to earth which we linked to Earth Day which fell just before we returned. The children were fascinated by the details in the book and a highlight was reading the story whilst outside in the Outdoor Learning Environment where everyone enjoyed the warmer weather.

The Fledglings have been interested in growth and we enjoyed planting sunflower seeds together this week. Over the Summer Term we will be able to watch these grow and we have explored the life cycle, building on the children’s interest and extending their knowledge of what plants need to grow.

We introduced the children to our Person of Interest for the Summer Term, Ada Lovelace. As the designer of the code we use nowadays in computing Ada provides wonderful opportunities for the children to explore how the past influences present day, computing, maths and poetry. We are also excited to be hosting parent led workshops with the children where we will be building further links between school and home life.


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