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Fledglings News - 2nd December 2022

This week in the Fledglings classroom we enjoyed a range of Nativity themed activities based on our topic book Wombat Divine by Mem Fox. The children are loving recalling the stories and incorporating their experiences from our nativity play which we are currently rehearsing. Throughout the week we retold the story of Christmas using a small world nativity scene, finger puppets and with pictures during a Focused activity.

This week we continued with our Christmas art projects which the children are putting all their effort into and it's lovely to see how excited everyone is to take their creations home for their families at the end of the term. Alongside this we have included free art projects into our sessions, including painting stars for our Nativity scene display, water colour tree paintings and making paper chain decorations for the classroom.

In other areas of learning, we enjoyed our last Outdoor Learning Day for the Autumn term this week and the children created magic wands using paper string, pieces of ribbon left over from an art activity and nature items they collected from around the safe zone. They then used them in their free play to make spells and turn their friends into frogs!

Our Music session with Mr Alex focused on rehearsals of our Nativity play as we get ready for the filming and live performances in the last week of term. One of the highlights of this was finalising the costumes the children would be wearing and they were all so excited to see each other dressed up.

In the classroom we have enjoyed a full week of activities including Practical Life activities to build dexterity in the children's fine motor skills as well as maths and literacy puzzles and games. We also loved engaging with construction activities with the large building blocks and tyres and wooden planks and sharing our experiences outside of nursery during our Weekend News discussions.


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