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Fledglings News - 2nd October 2020

This week our topic book was How to Babysit a Grandma and How to Babysit a Grandpa by Jean Reagan. In this story a child spends a fun filled day with his Grandparents and gives lots of tips on how 'babysit' a Grandpa/Grandma including what they eat, what to do on a walk and what to play with. We had lots of fun reading this book and the children enjoyed sharing their own stories of what they like doing with their Grandparents.

To prepare for 'Grandparents' Day' this Sunday, the children have been busy creating special cards to send to their Grandparents. The children created beautiful pictures and were excited to post their cards in the post box today!

This week the Montessori Dressing Frames have been very popular with the children. They were busy practising the refinement of their fine motor skills by fastening buttons, zips, poppers, laces and buckles. It was lovely to observe their perseverance as they tackled the activities! The children have also enjoyed exploring the Loose Parts Table, with many of them producing amazing transient art creations.

On Monday and Tuesday we had Parents Story Time on Zoom which excited the children greatly. On Monday the children listened with anticipation to a story about Coco Chanel and on Tuesday we listened to Ten Little Dinosaurs by Michael Brownlow!

In Free Play the children loved playing with the fire station. We extended this play in the Outdoor Learning Environment where the children used spray bottles to extinguish fires drawn on the blackboard. 

Our afternoon school Ballet session has continued to be a success. The children participated in an imaginative journey with their teacher, imitating the movements of different animals including horses and unicorns.


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