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Fledglings News - 3rd February 2023

Every year the Fledglings explore a series of artists based on their interests and engage in art activities which encompass a variety of different mediums.

This week we began the artists series by learning about Alexander Calder and the children created their own wire sculptures drawing inspiration from his work. They absolutely loved creating in this different way and several children returned to their sculptures throughout the week. At the end of the topic series we will display the artwork in our annual Art Exhibition so will be keeping the pictures as a surprise until then! Keep and eye on the news updates so you don’t miss the big reveal!

As well as learning about Alexander Calder, we have enjoyed celebrating 'National Storytelling Week' and have used this as inspiration for some of our Focus Time activities including playing ‘I spy’ with different story characters and encouraging the children to work together to create their own stories. The children loved this activity and demonstrated wonderful imagination and creativity as they supported each other in developing their plots and characters!

During our Outdoor Learning Day we began a photography project as part of our Artists topic and looked at Andy Goldsworthy for inspiration, creating with natural elements and then photographing our creations. We will continue this throughout the next few Outdoor Learning Days. We also took a variety of mud kitchen tools to the common with us and the Fledglings loved digging in the mud and using the recipe cards during their play.

Back in the classroom, we enjoyed a vast selection of fine motor skill based activities with play dough, Kinetic Sand and mark-making with shape stencils. The Home Role Play area was popular and the children designed their play around recreating scenario’s from their home life.


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