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Fledglings News - 5th July 2024

This week has been full of wonderful and exciting events but also a little sadness as we have prepared to say goodbye to this cohort of children. A highlight of the week was our Leavers Concert where we welcomed the parents into the classroom for our big performance. After weeks of rehearsals, the day had finally arrived. We put the decorations up and set out the chairs. The children did a fantastic job and we couldn’t have been prouder of their performance.

Our Topic Story this week has been ‘Tad’. This is a book about a little tadpole transitioning from the pond to the big wide world and we made connections between Tad’s move and our moves to our big schools. 

As the building was being used as a polling station we took the children to the common for our last Outdoor Learning Day where we were also joined by many of the Chicks. It was a fantastic morning and we were blessed with wonderful weather. The children made up games, climbed trees, read books together, collected and compared sticks and played football. 

Our term ended with a party where the children engaged with their favourite activities, played in the Outdoor Learning Environment and enjoyed dancing with their friends during our disco. What s fantastic end to the term! 


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