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Fledglings News - 5th March 2021

This week our topic was Luna Loves Library Day by Joseph Coelho. We chose this topic based on the children’s interest and enjoyment in going to the library and in celebration of World Book Day. The children loved the the book and we used the story to discuss how Libraries and borrowing books works. The Fledglings were particularly excited about celebrating World Book Day and having the oportunity to dress up and share their favourite books with their peers. The children came dressed as a huge variety of characters wearing a range of wonderful costumes! We had Where’s Wally, Princess Pearl, Zog, Octonauts, Peppa Pig and the Room on the Broom Witch! Both the children and teachers put amazing efforts into making our World Book Day a fun filled and exciting day and the week was full with brilliant costumes, books and activities.

During Free Play the children took part in a wide range of book and literature themed activities. In the Red Group’s bubble the Role Play area was set up with a Castle which the children took full advantage of. It was lovely to see the children extending their imagination and role play skills whilst pretending to be princesses and knights. We extended this at the DT table where the children created crowns for themselves and for their teachers. The Fledglings also used recyclable materials to create dragons, using their fine motor skills to cut and stick the materials together.

In the Blue Group’s bubble the Role Play area was set up as a Café where the children were busy preparing and serving food and coffee to their customers. The children extended this activity by using small clipboards to take orders and to write thank you messages for the lovely service they had received from their peers.

This week construction activities were very popular amongst the children and they used their creativity and teamwork skills to create houses out of Duplo, working together and sharing ideas. In response to the Fledglings enjoyment in building models, we set up our Messy Play Area as a construction site where where the children used plastic knives and shaving foam as cement to build different structures. The children explored balance by trying to balance different shapes and materials on top of each other and to create a range of towers and buildings.

At our Loose Parts table the children further extended their imagination and creativity by creating beautiful transient artwork, using glass pebbles, corks, lollipop sticks, and wooden cotton reels. The children used the materials to create representations of houses, mountains and playgrounds.

We have enjoyed the warmer weather and have had an amazing time in our Outdoor Learning Environment. The Fledglings were particularly excited to have the opportunity to use magnifying glasses to look for insects. They found lots of different insects hidden under bushes and on top of our Bug Hotel including ladybirds and woodlice! The Fledglings were excited about counting how many bugs they had found and describing what types of bugs they had discovered.

Both the Red and the Blue group went on an environmental walk. The Red group used a tally chart to count the different types of cars that passed by to then record on their activity sheets. This activity provided a great opportunity to develop the Fledglings Maths skills and counting ability whilst also engaging with the outside environment and world around them. The Blue group practised looking and listening to their environment during their walk to observe the different ways that nature awakens from its Winter sleep. They looked at trees and plants growing flowers and tree buds whilst discussing the differences between Winter and Spring. The children could identity the different birds singing and were able to spot pigeons, crows and woodpeckers!

In Science this week the children learnt about recycling and we discussed what paper is made of. We set up an experiment to try and create new paper from old pieces of scrap paper. The children tore the scrap paper into small pieces before placing it in the blender. We poured water on top and blended everything to create a thick pulp. The children then used a kitchen towel and a picture frame to shape the pulp and used spoons to squeeze the excess water out of the pulp. The children were amazed by the method of creating new paper and they showed a good understanding of the safe use of the blender with adult supervision. They also enjoyed discussing the importance of replanting trees and recycling materials.

On Friday as part of our Team Building activities the children continued to practise working together. They created a line by holding scarves and they climbed through a hula hoop, passing it on to the next child without letting go of the scarves. At first the activity presented itself as a little challenging but the children’s perseverance to repeat and practise resulted in the activity becoming easier with every try.


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