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Fledglings News - 7th October 2022

The Fledglings have had an eventful week celebrating the Harvest Festival on Wednesday, which was a huge success! The children brought in lots of non perishable food and at the beginning of the celebration they carried it in to be displayed on a table during the service which was led by the pastor Jim Sutton from Balham Baptist Church. The children sang beautifully with the accompaniment from Mr Alex on the piano. It was wonderful to welcome the parents in to watch and join us in the celebrations.

Out topic book story this week was My Food, Your Food, Our Food and this encouraged discussions about different food from around the world and the children were keen to share food that they enjoy eating with their families. Our Art project involved the children creating still life drawings, using chalk and oil pastels, of a variety of fruits and vegetables. At the end of the week we enjoyed the food as part of our Snack Time and the pomegranate was a particular favourite! The children also discussed the different colours and textures and shared their likes and dislikes.

During Free Play we enjoyed a selection of messy activities including leaf printing using natural items collected during our Outdoor Learning Day, watercolour painting and building scissor skills while cutting playdough. The Fledglings have also been enjoying working together and have shown a keen interest in completing puzzles in small groups.

Miss Alli joined us for our weekly Spanish lesson where the children learned greetings, colours and numbers through singing songs, action games and listening to stories.

One of our highlights of the week was our Outdoor Learning Day. We had a lovely day outside, as the sun shone and we explored a new area of the nearby common. We walked past the duck pond, spotting several different types of birds including a pair of herons. The children’s curiosity often leads them to collect natural items and this was the focus of our activities while on the common. They collected fallen pine cones which we will use at nursery as well as creating a tally chart, collating different items which we have displayed in the classroom.


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