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Fledglings News - 8th September 2023

It was wonderful to welcome the Fledglings into the classroom this week and everyone quickly engaged with the activities we planned. There was lots of excitement at seeing old friends as well as forming new friendships.

Our Topic book, Our Class is a Family was well received and we will focus on this book for two weeks as we build a sense of community throughout the classroom. As part of our learning about the Cultural Capital we also look in detail at the lives of people who have made contributions to the ways in which we understand the world and this term's chosen person is Stephen Hawking. The children have been fascinated by his life and we can’t wait to see where their curiosity takes them.

We have enjoyed sharing our holiday activities with each other in various ways including in Focused learning time, role play, small world play and art projects. Our Role Play area became a transport hub and the small world train track was busy with journeys to the beach, airport and Legoland!

We have had a fabulous start to the Autumn Term and are excited for the term ahead.


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