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Nursery News - Fledglings

World Porridge Day was an enormous success. As you can see on the Tapestry system the children created amazing porridge smiles. We recapped the importance of eating breakfast and the many benefits of a nutritious diet. Thank you for your generous donations.

The Fledglings adored sharing the nursery with their Grandparents earlier in the week and we do hope everyone enjoyed the morning.

“The Journey Home” and “When Grandad Was a Penguin” were the focal of the Fledglings learning over the past fortnight. However, we begin each week with a “Weekend News” session, where the children take it turns to hold a talking stick and whilst doing so they recall and share their weekend adventures with the group. Everyone is encouraged to ask questions about each other’s news. The children are invited to illustrate their news and write or trace an accompanying description. The children’s ability to recall and describe their news is becoming more detailed which is lovely to observe.

The “Journey Home” sparked many conversations about deforestation, the increasing climate temperature and the hunting of wild animals. The children suggested what they could do to help the environment which was then reflected in many free play activities. Throughout the two weeks, the children had many opportunities to explore ice and the speed in which it melts when touched by hands or mixed with warm water. We are sure this is not the last time that the Fledglings will explore ecological issues this academic year!

During Maths we counted animals, matched them to numerals and then counted one more or one less The Fledglings also worked on their ICT skills whilst programming a BeeBot to travel to a particular numeral. Hunting for 2D and 3D shapes in the classroom culminated in the children comparing and describing the differences between them. Daily Literacy activities captured the children’s interest as they worked in four groups extending their knowledge. Activities included word and letter hunts, matching initial sounds to objects, decoding and blending words, segmenting words into syllables and rhyming games. Our Science activities included mixing bicarbonate of soda and vinegar and placing the liquid in a pumpkin, which caused a chemical reaction and an erupting pumpkin. We also observed the results of when penguin feathers touch water. The children thoroughly enjoy being Mini Professors and predicting the outcomes of their experiments.

During free play the Fledglings created forests with play dough and natural objects which they used to house the orangutans portrayed in our topic book. Penguins were rescued from icebergs with hammers and chisels. Figurines and Kinetic sand inspired Penguin stories and the children drew on their imagination as they extended “When Grandad Was a Penguin”. The stories continued to evolve throughout free play sessions.


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