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Nursery News - Fledglings

We hope that you have had an enjoyable half-term despite the rain!

The week before half term both the Chicks and Fledglings had a fun-packed week based on Diwali as we explored the traditional Hindu tale about Rama and Sita. The Fledglings looked at symmetry whilst making Rangoli Designs during loose parts play, explored traditional Indian dress and created Diva’s with clay and gems. During Science, oil and water were mixed to make a colourful Diwali ‘firework’ and whilst doing so the children were introduced to new language such as ‘molecule' and ‘density’. Everyone used pipettes during the experiment to encourage the use of fine motor skills. During Maths the children explored sets and identified which had more before adding them together to find the total. They continue to work on their counting and numeral recognition skills during one to one sessions. It was lovely to hear about the children’s half term adventures and thank you for sharing them on Tapestry. Our learning this week was inspired by ‘Yucky Worms’. The children learned many facts about worms, particularly the important part they play in the environment. They found it very easy to relate to the story as they regularly feed the worms in our wormery with the organic waste after snack time. Finding out how the worms recycle the food and earth they consume was most exciting, especially when we found the worms ’tiny squiggly poos’ in the garden. The worms, their habitats and bodily functions were the main focus of our Science session, as the children learned the need to respect all living things, however small as they form an important part of our eco-system.

The teachers are very pleased with the children’s progress during our team building sessions, phonics groups and free play. Everyone is working and playing collaboratively, sharing resources spontaneously, discussing ideas and solutions and demonstrating a good understanding of our classroom principles and British Values.


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