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Nursery News

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Back to nursery after half term.

It was lovely to welcome the children back after half term and to hear all their exciting news.

Both the Chicks and Fledglings have enjoyed learning about Diwali this week . They have put their creative skills to good use whilst making  divas, Rangoli patterns and lanterns. The Chicks moved rhythmically as they danced and waved scarves to the beat of Indian music.

The 345 Doctor’s Surgery and Construction Site have inspired numerous learning opportunities. Basements have been dug, pictures hung and thankfully the medics were able to attend to their patients suffering from coughs, colds and chest infections.  Construction activities remained popular as the children thoughtfully built different structures. They enjoy working both individually and in small groups. We feel so terribly lucky to be a fly on the wall as we observe how the play and conversations evolve between the children as they embellish their ideas and stories. Playdough activities continue with gusto, the Fledglings have also created a range of imaginary stories inspired by the object which they created.

The Fledglings’ Topic last week, ‘Fergal is Fuming’ was the centre of discussions about emotions. Everyone was particularly keen to share how they were able to settle themselves when they feel frustrated or cross. In fact they went on to paint their own Fergal depicting their chosen emotion. The display is wonderful - please do take the time to have a look.  During our small group activities we have worked on our phonic skills and sound isolation, explored floating and sinking and played team building games.  During circle time we have discussed Bonfire Night and firework safety.

The Chicks have taken advantage of the Autumnal changes whilst on their community walks related to our topic “How Many Bugs in a Box” and looked at the differences in the colour of the leaves and amount still left on the trees. We collected a range of natural objects to add to our bug houses which we painted and decorated with leaves. Our bugs made previously from salt dough by the children, were extremely happy with the new habitat.  In our endeavour to encourage the children to refine their listening skills the Chicks enjoyed a ‘sound walk’. They were amazing, listening extremely well and were able to identify various noises made by birds, rustling leaves, cars and ambulances.  We extended the activity in the classroom and encouraged the children to identify the sounds of a range of instruments. All of the sound activities help to refine the children’s hearing ability in preparation for initial sound isolation when they begin to read. During our focused activities we have worked on counting, shape recognition, matching, the refinement of our fine motor skills and mark making.


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