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Nursery News

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

We are delighted that everyone has slipped back into the new year and daily routine with ease and that the new children have settled extremely well.

Upon their return to nursery the children enthusiastically shared and illustrated their Christmas experiences. It would appear that Father Christmas left lots of surprises and even footprints in a couple of homes!

The Fledglings topic last week was based on the story “The Selfish Crocodile”, a story which focuses on positive behaviour and kindness. This triggered many conversations throughout the week about feelings, friendships and respect. The children also practised their numeracy skills whilst counting teeth, worked collaboratively to cross an imaginary lake, created 3D crocodiles and illustrated their chosen animal from the story. “You Can’t Take an Elephant on a Bus”, the focus of this week’s learning, inspired the children’s collaged vehicles and stencilled animals as they explored different materials and techniques to create their masterpieces. During focus time Blue Group explored the composition of a range of materials and Red Group discussed how animals stay dry and warm etc. We continued to work on our counting and numeral recognition skills as well as phonics and word building.

The Chicks embraced their topic “The Journey Home from Grandpa’s”, kicking off with a Drama lesson re-enacting travelling on different forms of transport. The children found this very amusing as they embarked on their journey. The focus in Maths was matching numbered cars to their correct parking spaces. We refined our mark making skills and hand eye co-ordination whilst tracing straight, curved and sharp bended roads. During our bread making session we looked at weight whilst measuring the ingredients and extended our vocabulary whilst describing the texture of the dough. This week the children worked meticulously as they made collages depicting our story “Singing In The Rain’’ and creating rain sticks. Everyone enjoyed using musical instruments to explore rhythm to represent heavy rain or light showers. We also used colourful scarves to create large and small circles in the air to depict the different directions the wind blew the rain. Chopping different coloured vegetables to form a rainbow salad helped develop our cutting skills and vocabulary as we described the vibrant colours. Fun was had by all as the children counted raindrops (small balls) simultaneously adding them to an upturned umbrella.

The Construction site and Hairdressers role play areas encouraged imaginary play and have been privy to many conversations as the children discuss their intentions whilst building houses or choosing hairstyles.

Our small world resources have also inspired lots of creative ideas. The tree house has had a makeover, the dinosaurs have been on many adventures and the trucks busily transported precious cargo. As the children develop their confidence and friendships, their games are becoming more elaborate as they consider and extend each other’s ideas.

Sports lessons are also always well received. The children find it easier to follow the instructions week by week as they engage in fun packed sessions which encourage agility, co-ordination and spacial awareness.

The Fledglings continue to have a weekly Spanish lesson with Josefina. She has designed a page dedicated to 345 detailing the topics and vocabulary they will cover this term - We hope that you find it useful.

Finally, an enormous thank you from charity Ella’s Home for your generous contributions. The children were thrilled to receive their sacks and one little girl was particularly overwhelmed with excitement after opening her unicorn print pyjamas.


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