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Nursery News

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Christmas preparations are upon us...

We continue to visit the local schools and Katka and Jill were at Hornsby House last week and also went to Wandsworth Prep on Wednesday, meeting the Head Teacher and Head of the Lower School. Sarah and Jill visited Thomas’s Fulham yesterday and we’re also off to Roche next week. If there are any other schools that parents would particularly like us to visit please do let us know.

Both the Fledglings and the Chicks have began their preparation for Christmas. We have introduced the children to the Christmas Story in readiness for the Christmas concert and Show. The children are practising the songs enthusiastically - we do believe you will be in for a treat. We have uploaded the Fledglings lines on Tapestry and would be grateful if parents could help the children learn them.

During focus time the Fledglings wrote their letter to Father Christmas which they subsequently posted. They enjoyed identifying numerals on baubles and placing the corresponding number of gifts under Christmas Trees and we also explored the five senses. Team building games were warmly received and it is wonderful to see the children supporting each other as they work together to overcome problems. Imaginary play consumes many of the children during free play as they embark on numerous adventures in the Space Station, Construction Site and Father Christmas’s Workshop.

The Chicks have enjoyed getting messy as they explored penguins and polar bears hidden in shaving foam and ice. They illustrated wonderful pictures of polar bears wearing underpants which they decorated with glitter. We have begun our Christmas Art which is providing lots of opportunities to explore different art techniques, although painting at the easel remains a firm favourite. The sound lotto game played during focus time is helping the children to refine their listening skills and proving very popular. Making patterns with the tip tap helped the refinement of the children’s fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination as they carefully hammered small nails into cork boards to secure their chosen shapes. Our culinary skills have been put to the test whilst making bear sandwiches and cheesy stars. Grating the cheese was a little challenging initially however with perseverance and support everyone managed to accumulate enough cheese to fill their stars and sandwiches.

The Fledglings’ Nativity Play on Friday 7th of December will begin at 10.15am. Please drop the children off at the normal time and we will dress them in their costumes. The Fledglings will go home with their parents after the concert whilst the Chicks will have nursery as normal. They will watch the Nativity and then have their usual Sports lesson. As the Chicks and Fledglings are performing on separate days, nannies and grandparents are welcome to attend the performance rather than the dress rehearsals. The Chicks Concert is on Monday 10th December at 11.15am. The Fledglings will watch the show and have school as normal while the Chicks will leave with their parents after the performance. I have arranged for the Fitzhugh Grove parking restrictions to be lifted for both the Nativity and Concert..


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